Style Icon: Jose Mourinho

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Chelsea’s season just hasn’t got off to the roaring start that Blues fans were hoping for. Losing to Aston Villa, then drawing two games at home on the trot to Blackburn in the Premiership and Norwegian side Rosenberg in the Champions League. Things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse. But then, lo and behold, they did.

This morning, Chelsea FC released a statement saying that Mourino and the club had decided to part ways by mutual consent. No doubt, Mourino was the best thing that had happened to the club in years (aside from Abromovich’s billions), but really I should leave the commentary to the football pundits. For while they mourn Mourino’s departure in respects to his skill as a manager, here on Brandish we’ll be paying our respects to someone that we honour as the most stylish man in football. Infinitely more so than Beckham.

Suits were the order of the day for Jose and little did he defer from
that style over the years, always wearing them with such refinement,
even maintaining his sophistication when falling to his knees or
loosening his collar in rare displays of emotion or worry.

The suits themselves: Sleek materials and sharp cuts in that continental style
that were testament to their superior tailoring and the man’s great taste.
He doesn’t look as good in anything else. And what’s more, he’s even the reason why us old hacks at Brandish don’t dye our grey
bits, though Mourinho wears his streaks with more panache than we ever

Jose Mourinho, we salute you.