Synopsis t-shirts – Only films buffs need apply

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In a similar vein to the Last Exit to Nowhere tees that we featured a few months ago, Synopsis tees from 2KTShirts take a vague reference to a movie and print it on a shirt without actually revealing which film it’s regarding.

In this case, 2K use the official one-line descriptions used to advertised films in TV guides, along with their star rating. Some of them are pretty easy to fathom. "A teen skater takes a crackpot’s DeLorean back to 1955, where he fends off his lustful future mom (1984)" features on the McFly tee (£18) and is obviously in reference to Back To The Future.

"Two brothers seeking redemption set out to re-enlist former members of their defunct band for honest pay (1980)" is a little hard to work out, but it might might help if I tell you that this forms the print of the Elwood tee…