Halo’s Master Chief makes a little appearance before the big show

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Our nerdy brethren over at Techdigest have picked up on these awesome Kubrick Master Chiefs that are being released in anticipation of the eagerly awaited Halo 3, available next week. Although, as Gizmodo reported today, it appears that Argos were being particularly relaxed in their treatment of release dates.

For your the best part of £20, Firebox will ship you a limited edition pack of four Halo Heroes in various colours, including a very nice drab olive, a spiffing cerulean blue and an of-the-autumn rust-red. Mr Chief also makes an appearance (or technically, doesn’t) in an "active camo" guise, which is basically see-through.

If you miss the run on Firebox, you’ll be able to pick the set up courtesy of eBay. Only for triple the price.