Mobile phone mounted mini-projector from Texas Instruments looks great, lets you display happy slap videos to wider audience

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Unless it’s wrist mounted or looks like a device out of Star Trek, I don’t get all weak at the knees for new mobile phones. As long as it makes/receives calls and can text, I’m fairly non-plussed about them.But then I came across the first working model of a mobile phone-with-projection capability and found myself a getting a little bit damp over the whole thing.

Texas Instruments, front-runners in the world of projection technology, have demonstrated their mobile phone mounted mini-projector, which displays a bright and clear 15" wide image. The device is literally as big as today’s largest mobile phones, which aren’t exactly brick-like themselves.

The proji-mobile (as I have dubbed it) uses LED lights which saves on power and prevents the phone overheating and, according to Texas Instruments, production should start for a roll-out next year. I can’t wait.