T-shirts from The Affair – Everyone needs a bit on the side

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The Affair is a new kid on the block, having recently launched its unique brand of tees in August of this year. While most tee shirt designers on the web are doling out whimsical illustrations of cutesy robots or clever slogans, The Affair is taking a more controversial and, arguably, political stance in respect to their designs.

So "Muslim Jesus" (£25, left) is apparently a "reflection on the futility of religious tolerance", depicting an iconoclastic Jesus formed from clusters of Muslim Crescent Moons, while "Miniluv" (£25, right) is the printed image of 1984’s infamous Ministry of Love building, which I suppose is a commentary on the increasing use of surveillance in the state, and general erosion of our rights.

I’m dubious as to whether these t-shirts are actually intended to convey any meaningful message, perhaps designed to appeal to the pseudo-political – the same sort of people who wear Che Guevara t-shirts but munch their way through Maccy D’s and wear Nike trainers. Either way, I’m actually not that bothered. They’re just two rad t-shirts.