APC beanie rivals grandmother’s best efforts in the “tea-cosy” knitwear category

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After all those Christmas mornings spent moaning about the knitwear that granny sent you, it turns out that you actually should have been thanking her for prepping you in the future of fashion. You snotty little ingrate, you.

A.P.C.’s winter accessory range features a heavy cable-knit peaked-beanie, which is a smart and original variation on the cotton/lycra versions that have been a street fashion mainstay for the past few years. The 100% wool knit is also more likely to keep your bonce warm. If you’re unsure of the £35 price tag (which I think is great value), Topman have a very good likeness for £12. Or you could always get Grandmother to knit you one for nothing…

By admin | September 24th, 2007

  • Jessie

    These are fantastic and not just for men these days! I’ve got a black one that I absolutely love and wear it to snowboarding. It’s the only beanie I’ve found that stays put when I’m skimming down slopes and doesn’t make your head look like a weird, bald but colored dome.