Owl Movement series six t-shirts

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Artists-submitted design-site Owl Movement has just released its sixth series of t-shirts and it’s the best drop to date. Neverendingsummertime is the theme that these tees are loosely based upon and, although I think summer truly is over, it won’t stop me from getting my grasping chipolatas on a couple of these awesome tops.

The two standout tees from the series are pictured above. Slip Slop Slap (£10) is a crazy amalgamation of all things beach-holiday and takes its moniker from Australia’s skin cancer campaign slogan. A literally blinding tee that’ll brighten up a dreary pair of jeans.

Although I don’t see what a skull has to do with summer, I love the Skull tee (£10) because, well, it has a skull on it. And I also I like to imagine that, with its lightning-strike fracture and rainbow streak, this is the skull of Ziggy Stardust.