High-concept Incognito Watch is also highly invisible

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Would you hand over £275,000 of your own cash in return for a product that you’d not even seen, let alone layed your hands on it so you can have a tinker with it? No? Well, there’s a surprise.

However, that’s exactly what one doofus with more money than sense has done, buying a timepiece that has yet to be completed. The auction was one of many that took place at Monaco’s Only Watch 07 event, which saw a series of limited and first edition watches sold off to the same people who can afford docking duties in the city’s harbour.

The ultra high-concept Incognito Watch (is that meant to be ironic?) by House of DeWitt was present at the auction in name only, without even a concept drawing in sight. However, watch "architect" Jean-Michel Wilmotte described the watch "an exceptional horological creation and authentic machine of future time." So it tells the time then? Check out the unbelievable press release here.

But for all my cynicism, I must point out that many of the proceeds went to charity. Which is a good thing. Isn’t it?

Via [Tech Digest]