Master Chief’s newest USB incarnation

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We’d seen the Kubricks, watched reports spill in from all around the world as it went to launch, then, today, the big one dropped through the letterbox at Shiny Towers. Yes, Halo 3 is finally here.

So, along with the Kubricks, collectors models and life size recreations we can expect anything and everything to get the Halo treatment. It’ll be the gamers equivalent of Hello Kitty merchandise! Although I’m not sure if Master Chief will hold the same appeal for women as a Kitty vibrator

The latest Halo-fied goods come in the form of these USB drives that come in the usual colours and a number of different memory sizes. Each one is preloaded with artwork from a forthcoming Halo novel as well as an episode of This Spartan Life. The largest, 4GB drive is pretty expensive at £60, but they’re also limited edition.

Buy two and sell the second one on eBay. I reckon you’ll make your money back twice over…