That joke t-shirt isn’t funny anymore? Try David & Goliath instead

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t-shirts are usually the hardest shirt to get right. Pick a joke that has a
short shelf life or, worse, isn’t funny in the first place, and you’re likely to
have your friends groaning rather than laughing. The main problem with joke
t-shirts is that they tend to be too obvious, often resorting to being crude rather
than telling a joke.

David & Goliath are an unpretentious brand
– their motto is ‘we make stupid stuff so you don’t have to’ – who specialise
in tees that are silly, subversive and tongue-in-cheek. The fit of the t-shirts
are another selling point, tapered at the waist to give a V-shaped silhouette.
Their shorts cost $20 and are available from their website.