Au’s Infobar 2 mobile phone

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I’m hardly ever impressed by the aesthetics of mobile phones. They’re all too "seriously" designed, trying to hard to be sleek and sexy but failing miserably. Maybe that’s the problem – can a phone actually be sexy? I’m not so sure.

Which is why I applaud Au’s newest release, the chunky, funky and plain fun looking Infobar 2. Resembling a cross between 1970s concept of the "phone of the future" and one of those single-game only handhelds from when you were a kid, I love the smooth, rounded design that looks like the thing is filled with helium. But I think the best description comes courtesy of Au itself: "Square it was and the form like whether the candy dissolved in the mouth and had roundness of".  I couldn’t agree more.

The 2.6-inch OLED screen has 240 x 400 resolution, there’s a
2-megapixel camera, mobile TV tuner, micro SD card slot, 290 minutes
talk time and 350 hours’ standby and comes in five awesome colour combos.

Via [Gizmodo]