Brandish’s smart winter outfit for under £180

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I know I bang on about winter being the best month for male fashion, simply because we get a broader range of garments and accessories to choose from compared with the rest of the year, but there is a drawback to having all those options – the expense.

Whereas most of the year you can get away with a wallet-friendly outfit consisting of a tee, trousers, jumper and/or a light jacket, winter demands that you splash out on scarves, hats, gloves and a bank-emptying jacket of some description. Life just isn’t fair, is it?

But here at Brandish, we endeavour to solve your fashion woes, keeping in mind that you want to look good without having to sell your liver. Keep reading after the jump for a winter outfit that means you don’t have to avoid alcohol for the rest of your existence.


A nice warm jacket or coat should be first on your list. It’s quite hard to resist form over functionality, but luckily this military-style coat from Topman will keep you toasty and looking good, all for the lovely price of £65.


I hate wearing jeans in the winter. They’re fine when it’s dry and cold, but once they get wet, they feel absolutely horrible and don’t dry out for ages. These smart trousers from Farah Mills will keep the frost off your lower regions without getting sopping wet, all for a low, low price of £45.


The burnt orange and grey colour scheme on this slim-fit jersey (£40) from Fly 53 is perfect for the coming season and will go great with the above trousers. Wear a plain tee or shirt that you already own underneath.


Chunky knitted hats are the in thing at the mo, which is lucky, seeing as they’re better at keeping your noggin warm. This is a smart choice from Fenchurch for just £16.99.


This over-sized scarf from ASOS is definitely for the urban gent about town. Its massive size means it can be wrapped around your neck several times for extra insulation and despite the amount of material that’s gone into it, the scarf is only £8.