Steal this Marc Jacob look

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This may be an odd look for winter as it doesn’t
come with a jacket. But you might want to try layering every once in a while,
just so you don’t have to wear the same jacket 7 days in a row.

 Cardigan: Seeing as you won’t have a jacket
on, the cardigan you get will have to be a bit thicker than usual. Uniqlo’s
100% lamb’s wool cardigan
(£25) does a good job at keeping you warm whilst
remaining stylish.

Jumper: Just to make sure you don’t catch pneumonia
looking stylish, you’d best invest in Uniqlo’s
cashmere jumper
available at £60. It looks best when it’s just a shade
lighter than the cardigan.

Trousers: If you’ve been wearing the same
jeans for four days now, then it’s time to stop. It’s just disgusting. These Espirit
trousers (£50)
are stylish enough to bring together this outfit and are a
good alternative to jeans.

Trainers: A plain pair of trainers are the best way to
complete this look and this pair of Adidias Gazelle’s
(£50) are probably the plainest trainer you could find.