Acca Kappa’s grooming products for the more refined gentleman

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Not a name that you would have heard of before, Acca Kappa is a cosmetics brand designed for the true gentleman. Trading since 1869, Acca Kappa has been providing grooming goods for European royalty for over 100 years and, just by looking at their products, you can see why. It’s really is a brand for the sort of man who feels like he should have been born when there were still lands left to discover, and men fought not in the streets like ruffians, but with a sabre and one hand behind their backs. So much for modernity.

Each of their grooming tools, be it a paddle-brush, nail scrubber or razor, are crafted from various hardwoods which, in my book, is pure sophistication. Where’s the beauty or romance in a plastic Gillette razor, eh? Also in Acca Kappa’s 1869 collection is the range of soaps, body washes and shaving creams which contain natural, skin friendly ingredients such as almond oil and grape polyphenols. They smell pretty good too.

Acca Kappa’s website is under construction at the moment and, until they open their UK flagship store, you’ll have to trawl through Harrods or House Of Fraser to get your mitts on their fine products.

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