Always wanted to dress like a socially inept, lazy, surly IT technician? Then look no further…

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Roy’s t-shirts in the IT Crowd have always drawn my affections (even if I think Moss has that ultimate nerd chic) simply because I love geeky nods to pop-culture. What I didn’t realise however, is that there’s a whole community out there attempting to track down what he wears in each episode.

This is easy when its a reference to Pac-Man or Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, but it appears that it can be a daunting job trying to dress like Roy – particularly when he wears seven tees in one episode. T-shirt blog Hide Your Arms hasn’t balked at the task by any means. Author Andy has managed to locate all but two of the totally awesome tees that Roy wears in season 2, episode 5 just so that, you too, can dress like a surly IT technician.

Via [Hide Your Arms]