Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette – The perfect gift for the armchair activist who likes a ciggie or two

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Now that you can’t even have an innocent puff on a fag in a public house without whipping some local-council Gestapo officer into an ASBO-fueled fervour, nicotine-fiends have been desperately seeking other means by which to get their fix.

Nicotine gum is rubbish and tastes foul with a pint of best, and a patch just doesn’t satisfy the element of oral-engagement that’s half the fun of sticking a ciggie in your gob and sparking up. Don’t get me started on those bloody nicotine inhalers – they look like something scientists in the 70s conceived as "cigarettes" of the future and don’t deliver half the hit that you so need and deserve.

It’s time that addicts resigned themselves to the fact that nothing but
smoking a fag is like smoking a fag. But the Crown 7 "Electronic
might be the next best thing, and you can use it (legally)
in pubs. The Crown 7 beats the ban by heating nicotine in a replaceable
cartridge until it vaporises, which you then inhale like a normal
ciggie, delivering a full contingent of the drug.

Because it’s
pure nicotine vapour, there is no smoke, so you can "puff" away to your
hearts content in any public place of your choice, beating those
nannying Nazis who run this country like it was a Big Brother State.
Eroding our civil liberties they are, it’s like we’re being run by
Communists. At least they let you smoke.

And another thing, what about
all those immigrants? The government should be sorting them out before they start picking on hard-working tax payers… etcetera, et-bloody-cetera…

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