Desperately Seeking: Juicy Couture Fingerless Gloves

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I love Britain, I really do. There’s too many reasons to go into as to why I feel this way about this green and pleasant isle, suffice to say that I believe it’s one of the best countries in the world to live in. For most things anyway; one thing that really gets my goat is that it seems all the really cool clothes, the items that I covet and pine for the most, are available in only the US and Japan.

Take these Juicy Couture gloves. 100% lambswool, available in three colour ways and they have a cool little button detail on them. They’ve also got a screen print of Juicy Couture’s awesome Skull n’ Guns motif. They are special. But they’re also only available exclusively to Nordstrom, who don’t ship overseas. Bastards.

I’ve check out boutiques across London for these on the unlikely premise that perhaps someone has managed to import a pair. No such luck. So, in my infinite desperation, I turn to my loyal and plucky readers: can you guys provide me with a source for these gloves that I so crave?