Home Pub means that you’ll never need to leave your house again… except for work, maybe

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This is the sort of thing that makes it great to be male in a male dominated society. So what if we have to put up with the constant, petty, struggle of asserting our status over other males, the general day-to-day violence our society suffers as a result of too much testosterone surging through our veins and the wars caused by belligerent old bastards in power.

When you’ve got a Home Pub in your kitchen, you can just come home and use a bit of alcohol induced insomnia to forget about the woes of the world. The picture above is pretty self explanatory. This is a standard ASKO fridge with a draught tap installed, which is connected to a 5 litre (about ten pints) keg in the fridge. How cool is that?

I still think the photo doesn’t portray the sort of man who’d have one of these in his house realistically enough. 1. He has a wedding ring, 2. He’s baking bread. 3. He obviously works out. In reality, this bloke should be single, eating pizza with a load of his equally single friends and have a gut that would put Buster Blood Vessel to shame.

[Via Gizmodo]