Puma Loakes Clyde trainer

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Truly, these Puma Clyde trainers (£180) are the footwear of choice for the discerning gentleman. By slipping these on to your tootsies, you agree to three things: You will side-part your hair using pomade; you will carry a cane; you will address every lady you meet as madam.

The only quandary that I’d have with these is what to wear them with. I’m going to go for a slate coloured pair of slacks, a matching waistcoat and a white, stiff collared shirt. It’s the only was forward, trust me.

If 180 bones is a bit too much stress on the wallet, Puma has another trainer in its Bespoke collection, which isn’t as smart but is still a fantastic piece of footwear. The Puma Liga is also a lot cheaper at £100.