Converse Graffiti Hi-tops

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Fashion has been taking it back to the 80’s a
lot lately, with Hi-tops making a massive comeback in the indie community.
Converse all-stars are still just as popular as ever, but you might want something
that could keep you feet dry when it starts raining.

The graffiti hi-tops
are Converse’s attempt to not be stuck as a one trainer company. With custom artwork
by graff writer Mike Giant, they manage to standout in a sea of identikit
hi-tops. The fundamental difference between this and the all-stars is that they’re
not made out of canvas or thin leather, meaning they’ll provide keep your feet
dry and warm when you’re stuck in the middle of heavy rain. All that extra
leather has bumped up the price somewhat though, costing £70 instead of the
usual £30.