Tony Blackburn slags off John Peel in autobiography, reveals himself to be the not-so-nice-guy of BBC Radio

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Think "Tony Blackburn" and the image of a typical clean cut, wholesome radio and TV presenter with immaculate teeth and sparkling hair is immediately conjured in the mind. He wasn’t mother’s favourite for just any old reason.

But beneath that Vaseline veneer of the TV-friendly face and cheesy one-liners, there lurks a darker, less savoury history that his career as BBC radio and Top Of The Pops presenter clearly betrays. If his new autobiography Poptastic: My Life In Radio is anything to go by, Blackburn is a bit more rock n’ roll, and a lot bitchier, than we would usually give him credit for.

Rather than being the "boy you could gladly introduce to your mum", the DJ now admits to a string of sexual exploits that would have ensured that millions of mothers up and down the country would have kept their daughters locked up during the TOTP roadshow, even disclosing details of the time that he almost slept with the female star of a British comedy institution. Hint: It’s Barbara Windsor (possibly).

While probably the least shocking disclosure in his autobiography is of the tense relationship he had with fellow DJ and all round musical legend John Peel, it still comes as a nasty surprise that Blackburn would choose to slag Peel off when he’s in the worst position to defend himself i.e. He’s dead.

Branding Peel’s choice of music "pretentious" and as an "ungodly racket", Blackburn even went as far as to call for his fellow DJ’s weekly program, Top Gear, to be pulled off air for attracting "undesirables". All this coming from someone who admits to preferring Alvin Stardust to Bowie and the Beatles while rubbishing the man who introduced hundreds of thousands of listeners to music and bands that would otherwise be inaccessible. I think I know who’s voice I’d rather switch my radio on to.

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