Wear the watch of a real man with Casio’s snappily titled WVQ-570DBE-1AVER chronograph

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I love a sleek but unfussy steel n’ leather watch as much as the next man. The sort of watch that forces you to "subtly" pull up the cuff of your Saville Row tailored shirt just so the guys at the gentleman’s club can get an eyeful of your smart timepiece and feel a little tingle of pride as they squirm with envy.

But there are other times when you really want to feel like a man; the sort of man who sails across the Atlantic buy himself, who wrestles sharks and catches wild boar with his bare hands, who climbs mountains without oxygen or boots. And that’s what chronographs are for.

You don’t know what all those dials are for, you don’t need Wave Ceptor technology to pick up the time calibration signals from radio transmitters and you certainly won’t have a use for a built-in velocity meter. But you can imagine what you’ll need them for. Which is why you need the succinctly monikered WVQ-570DBE-1AVER from Casio, a watch that features all the aforementioned technology. Truly, this is a real man’s watch, even if real men are more likely to sink a pint than sail a ship.