Whirlpool’s Espresso Fridge keeps food chilled, makes coffee and brings about world peace

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There are some people that argue, mostly unsuccessfully so, that there are days when it’s simply inappropriate to start off with an ice cold beer. While I’m loathe to admit it, those "some people" might have a point; your driving instructor probably doesn’t appreciate you smelling of beer on the morning of your test, nor will will your boss enjoy your incoherent, alcohol fueled presentation to the board of directors.

So, rather than being tempted by ASKO’s Home Pub, you might want to install the Espresso Refrigerator by Whirlpool. Other than just being a big, hulking bit of metal and plastic that keeps your food from going bad, this clever cold box has a coffee dispenser where the beer tap should be, allowing you an instant fix of caffeine whatever the time of day.

And not only does it chill your food and make you coffee 24 hours a day, Whirlpool’s device, to be released in January 2008, also stops your kids from getting fat by featuring an electronic child lock. Genius. Now, if it could only make me dinner in the evening, I could get rid of the wife… God, I’m going to get hate mail about that one.