Wrong Wroks Kate Moss t-shirt

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According to my not very scientific research,
which consisted of me looking at how many print t-shirts I’ve bought, I can now
comprehensively say that they’re more popular because of the rise of cardigans.
What was the point of a great print on a t-shirt if it’s hidden under a jumper?  While abstract prints are great, sometimes you want a print with a nice picture.

Wrong Wroks specialize in celebrity-based
printed tees, with designs on Paris Hilton, Scarlett Johannson and this Kate Moss tee
(£24). With the skull and cross bones design on the front, you can pretend that
it’s all an ironic take of the anti-drugs stance and that you’re being the post-pre-post-
modernist. Or you can be honest and say you just like the picture.