Steal this look: Miles Davis

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Following too many trends can make you look a
bit, well, stupid. It’s nice to follow a few trends but too many of them at the
same time will make you look like you copied a store mannequin. This Miles
Davis look is pretty timeless and can make you look like you have some
individual thought, which is nice.

Werth V-neck:
I’m sure everyone must have a V-neck by now, but this Peter
Werth one is only £35 and it’s made of 100% merino wool. The logo is also
subtly placed on the side of the waist, so you don’t come off like you’re
desperate for everyone to know what you’re wearing.
khaki trousers:
Khaki’s are one of those odd always-been-around-never-in-fashion
items that most people just immediately overlook. They can look great if worn
correctly (as Miles Davis shows) and although this one isn’t cheap at £88, it’s
probably the best fitting khaki trousers you can find.
Paisley scarf:
This is a trend that’s too foppish to become really popular,
but one of these will really pull together this outfit. It’s only £15 as well.

By admin | October 5th, 2007