Stars of Track and Field

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Rykiel Homme have done a proper lovely star-print hoody this season. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the label: under-stated design, quality fabrics and hella-expensive.

Fortunately Energie can provide you with a cut-price way of achieving this look. The only concession you have to make is that its got a little skull Energie logo on the chest (Madame Rykiel would never be so crass). You can only order it on-line from Canada or the US, but there’s Energie stores in Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bluewater, London and Brum.


Meanwhile, one of the regular staples from the hip Italian label, Pharmacy Industry is – would you Adam an’ Eve it? – their star print. They do a hoody (chocolate brown this season) but you can get your grubby mits on the crew neck version from Yoox.