Apolis Activism

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ManpicThis season’s hottest fashion accessory is a conscience. Stella McCartney, always the most ethically aware of designers has recently launched a line of organic cosmetics, which contains only natural ingredients, none of which are derived from or tested on animals. Meanwhile other designers are falling over themselves to design for any number of charity initiatives such as (Red).

Is this political fashion or fashionable politics? Who cares really? I think you’d be hard pushed to argue it’s a bad thing, even if you do find it sanctimonious. Apolis Activism is a men’s and womenswear label whose design and ethical philosophies compliment each other, both of them going that extra mile.

The label’s clothes are thoughtful basics with a twist, whilst their business raises funds and awareness for various worthwhile causes such as Invisible Children and Indian children’s charity Yuva Lok. The ever helpful Context will give you the chance to get hold of a selection from the label, and maybe one step closer to heaven.