More Bitter Than Sweet

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Dagger_and_heart_3The jeweller behind Bittersweets NY must be a right sicko – but I like her. This nameless designer says that her jewellery is inspired by everyday objects, but her ‘everyday’ includes maggots, earthworms and fake vampire teeth. She must lead an upsetting existence.

Still, the jewellery she makes is witty and beautifully crafted, as witnessed by this dagger and heart necklace where the dagger can be worn either dangling menacingly below the heart or stabbing it right through the middle, depending on how bad your mood is. It’s a subtle distinction between moods, but one I’m sure won’t be lost on you. Her jewellery has featured on the cover of i-D as well as around Britney’s neck and it doesn’t really get better than that does it? Bittersweets’ on-line shop is here.