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Scarves, like everything else above the waist this season, are getting bigger. The most fashionable necks this winter will be hidden in yards of fabric. It’s practical too: when it’s too hot for a jumper but too cold for a T-shirt, you can just swaddle yourself in a big scarf and you’re all set. I’m very glad about this. I was getting really sick of seeing skinny little scraps of fabric last year and had developed an irrational hatred of that thing where people fold a long scarf in half and pass the two ends through the loop. I’m hoping I don’t have to look at that another season.

So it’s with pure delight I bring this scarf from Henrik Vibskov to your attention. It ain’t cheap but it’s so lovely. You can get hold of them here.

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    how does one tie a scarf like that. anyway, i love this site. keep doing what your doing.