Belly laughs thanks to Threadless t-shirts

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One of the dangers of a comedy T-shirt is that you may be the only one who finds it funny. You could think you’re the height of wit and everyone else just thinks you’re an oafish bore.

We’re big fans of innovative site Threadless, as they lessen that risk. An ongoing competition, the site brings Web 2.0 to T-shirt design. Anyone can submit their designs and each week 4-6 are chosen from the 600 odd submissions to be printed. You can also log on and rate designs or read others comments (consider it audience research) and there’s clever ways of earning discounts through submitting photos of yourself wearing the designs or referring customers. Its like a flipping on-line love-in and even if you don’t come out with the funniest, most original shirt, your self-esteem will be given a boost.


Admittedly, a lot of them are on the cute side but you get there’s also
a biting satire like this ‘Screw Vintage, This Shirt Is From the
Future’ tee. Alright, maybe it’s less ‘biting’ and more ‘nudge-nudge
wink-wink’ satire – but it’s satire nonetheless. Take it where you can
get it.