Organic cotton

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Today is Blog Action Day, or more probably today is the day after Blog Action Day. Anyway, inspired by this, and my natural piety, I decided to look into organic cotton. Katherine Hamnett, as you’d expect, has been using organic cotton since the nineties. On her website there’s some slightly hysterical "information" about non-organic cotton production (which apparently causes 200,000 cotton-grower suicides a year – surely there wouldn’t be any left after a couple of years. Three tops). But whilst she may have a loose grasp on the detail, she’s got a firm grip on the general gist, and she’s definitely putting her all behind the cause, persuading Tesco to run an organic line of T-shirts this year. She later pulled out of the partnership as she didn’t like Tesco’s ethics.  Go girl!

Searching for a more balanced view I found this article from the New Scientist. It’s pretty old but it’s trying to put up the case for the opposition and largely failing, which is encouraging. There’s also some quite plausible facts on the People Tree website.

Should you want to go green, but preserve your fashion credentials, American Apparel has a range of organic cotton goods (even for dogs) but of course the last word has to go to the ever moderate Katherine: Clean Up Or Die.