Return of the Puffer Jacket

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Its often said of fashion that if you stand still long enough you’ll come back into fashion. You’ll have to endure a long time being a social lepper in your Accupuncture trainers and Maharishi trousers, but you probably will be cutting edge again at some point.

Only the old adage isn’t quite right. Take puffer jackets for example. Alexander McQueen has one this season (see below), as does Dior Homme and this time round we’re not talking about those bulky duvets East 17 used to sport. These ones are much slimmed down, shorter and neater, more like a 70s style ski jacket. And I think ‘ski’ is really the vibe you’re trying to give off with these jackets. You could go for salopettes tucked into big boots but I think that would be taking it too far. You can reference the right proportions with some skinny jeans and some really phat high top trainers.

And just because I have to mention it, the leather they’ve used for the McQueen jacket is the softest, most beautiful leather I think I’ve ever had my hands on. It doesn’t even look like leather. Search it out if only to give it a grope.