Dior Homme Jeans

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usually a moment when you know you’ve fallen deep into the world of fashion.
For me, it was looking at a pair of £155 jeans and thinking ‘that’s a pretty
good price for Dior Homme’ rather than thinking ‘I’d never pay more than a £100
for jeans; they’re all the same anyway!’ But the first caption is what came
across my mind when I saw these black
Dior Homme jeans

Black jeans
of this style are incredibly versatile, matching with anything and everything. They’re
made of Japanese denim and are baggy enough to allow for some grouping at the
knees and ankles. You could team it with a good leather jacket for an ‘I’m
in the Strokes’
look that seems to be hot right now (Paris Hilton ™).
Whatever you do, don’t wear it with a ‘leather look’ jacket. It doesn’t look
like leather, just overly shiny nylon.