Nike iD – Design your own trainers

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If there’s one thing guaranteed to push the big red button marked "angry", its when a shop assistant tells me that something I’ve rejected because it doesn’t suit me is "supposed to look like that". Oh, these skin tight jeans are supposed to make me look like I’ve got a vagina are they? The sheer condescending arrogance of it – I’m perfectly capable of deciding if I like the way something looks on me and I don’t need to try and conform to the vision of a designer as mediated by a shop assistant who in any case is clearly only interested in making a sale and doesn’t care if I walk out of the shop looking like a proper Charlie. It makes me quite pompous.


Phew! So it comes as a nice surprise when a designer or label gives you a bit of credit for knowing what you like and actually encourages you to customise their output. Which is where Nike iD comes in. Currently a website but soon to be a store (from 1st November in London’s Niketown), Nike iD allows you to design trainers to suit your own particular tastes. You choose the style of shoe you want and then select the colour of the uppers, soles, laces, the swoosh – everything! – and you can even add a word or two of text. I’ve just lost my evening to it.

They even have – mirabile dictu – my favourite Nikes, the Air Dunks.
They’re hidden away under "Favourites" but they’re there. Once choosing
endless combinations of colours gets tired you can also have a bit of
fun working out which words Nike won’t let you have on their shoes.
Swear words are obviously out but so is "Nuke", "Adidas" and
"Sweatshop". Once finished, you place your order and then have the time
it takes them to make up your shoes to second guess your every choice
and before you know it you have a unique pair of trainers. All for 90
quid – you can’t say fairer than that.

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