Bespoke Jeans

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There was a
recent survey stating that one of the greatest feelings for people was finding
the perfect pair of jeans. The mere fact that finding jeans can be listed
amongst other life-changing events shows how rare a good fit of jeans are
to us. For most people there was two choices; you could either spend a fortune
trying to find the perfect fit or begrudgingly buy a pair of ill fitting jeans. There’s now a third; buy bespoke jeans. You can even skip the whole embarrassing inner
leg measurement thing that tailors do.

Not that bodymetric’s method is any less
awkward, with them requiring you to strip down to your tight-whites before
stepping into a pod and getting a full body scan. Then you can order jeans that
will fit your body perfectly. Just to make things easier on you, they keep your
body scan on record, so you can order from them any time you feel like it.

As this is
all revolutionary technology, you can’t do it online yet (or ever) but you can
visit their pods in Selfridges and Harrods and see it for yourself.