Week-end bags from Dunlin selling like hot cakes

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Dungl_large_2Week-end bags are big at the moment – in both senses of the word. This season’s trend-conscious male should not be seen leaving the house without a bag the size of a microwave, like this one from Dunlin. Where women’s fashion leads, men’s fashion (often) follows and so I reckon we’re seeing the effect of all those delightful little Zoe-bots like Nicole Ritchie and the Olsens. A malnourished celeb beats her butterfly heart in LA and it causes a storm on the streets of London.

Or more accurately, a storm on the streets of New York, where the sold out Dunlin Lafeyette Week-ender (for it is he) has a waiting line so long it’s attracting mimes and jugglers (to quote Lorrie Moore).

There are plenty of others in the shops at the moment but this one is a
beaut with its soft leather and great craftsmanship. When its not full,
the top sort of collapses down in pleasing pleats and ruffles (see photos)
and all the pockets mean you won’t have to root around for hours
looking for a pen or a Fisherman’s Friend. It comes in a host of
colours so add your name to the list at Oak now and you might get one in time for when the trend comes round again.