Elizabeth: The Golden Age UK Premiere

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EddieIt seems a bit odd to me to do a sequel to a historical biopic. I feel like if we were that bothered about finding out what the future held for our Liz we could’ve read a history book. Still, for all those who’ve spent the past 9 years wondering what happened next,  Tuesday night saw the UK premiere of the new Elizabeth film: Elizabeth: The Golden Age. They should’ve called Elizabeth II, that would’ve been funny.
Newcomer and hot buzz in the film world, Eddie Redmayne, worked it out on the red carpet in a neatly tailored double-breasted grey suit. Double-breasted jackets have been out of favour for a while but they’re making a return. The only danger with them is that they can make you look quite squat, so this one’s a good choice as its narrow between the buttons, which lengthens rather than widens.
It’s all good till you look down at Eddie’s trousers. The shape’s fine, but could you not have got them shortened Eddie? They’re all rucked up. I would have liked to see a longer jumper too, to cover up some of that wide expanse of pelvis that is the curse of many skinny boys. Ha! They get no sympathy from me. Still, top marks for effort. Perhaps a new style icon in our midst?
Alan Cumming, on the other hand, looked like he got dressed in a skip, see after the jump for images.