Superdry leather jacket

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maker of those awful Osaka 6 shirts, also have some items that won’t make you look
like someone who thinks Razorlight are cutting edge. The best of a
pretty dire range is this leather
, which costs a reasonable £190.

I should like it; it has military
epaulettes and enough pockets to fit everything you’ve ever wanted in, but
something’s just not right. It could be the Beckham factor – the thought of
following in his fashion footsteps makes me throw up a bit – but apart from
that, it just looks a bit too worn. With a leather jacket, it’s nice to have
the feeling that you’ve worn it in; that the jacket has unique patches that are
all of your making. Instead the lived-in look has just been done in a factory. To
be honest, it’s probably the fact that David Beckham wears it that’s putting me
off it.