Che Big Poppa Biggie from Nossa

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BiggieThis T-shirt from Nossa throws up interesting issues about popular culture and those who populate it.
Che Guevarra has stopped being a person and is now an icon. Many people know nothing about his life or what he was fighting for but everyone knows the famous image of him on a red background which is used as a shorthand for grass-roots rebellion and political dissent.
The same thing has happened with Tupac and Biggie. For many they were role models, their lyrics expressing a dissatisfaction with the world and with the place of young, particularly black, people in society. Since being cut off in their prime, like latter day martyrs, images of the pair have adorned everything from T-shirts, to walls, to tattoos. Their likenesses have come to symbolise a society which ignores young people but at the same time pits them against each other, cancelling out the very voices which are calling for change.

Despite all these po-face musings, I primarily like this T-shirt
because I think its funny. In these times when our culture is
constantly being accused of being apolitical, I’m always happy to
consider that there might be something behind the humour (thereby
spoiling the joke for everyone else – sorry about that). Available from
East West Worldwide.