Ethical Shopping (yawn!) from Howie’s

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It’s difficult trying to be maintain a moral sensibility in today’s consumerist society. You want to do your bit for the environment, but you don’t want to seem like a self-righteous miserablist.

Howie’s is a label who can help. They do as much as they can to lessen the impact of their clothing production, but they’re quite realistic about it, pledging only to do their best, not to be entirely guilt-free. Most of their T-shirts are made from organic cotton and they try to use less harmful dyes, but they don’t claim the cotton is fair trade because they’re not entirely convinced that the trade is fair.

They’re refreshingly self aware about their moral excellence, as this “do fucking gooder” T-shirt attests (read after the jump for the entire slogan if you can’t make it out). Their “Train not Plane” tee (pictured right) from the current collection, is a witty and timely reminder.

This approach of doing what you can but not setting yourself up for failure seems like the right one to me. More power to their elbow.

Red T-shirt on the left reads “Corporate bashing hippy loving cause fighting organic eating Birkenstock wearing campervan touring life affirming do fucking gooder”. Seeks similar?