Slim ties from Peckham Rye

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You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m slightly hysterical. Whenever I post blogs here I seem to be screaming about how something else is getting bigger. Scarves, T-shirts, knitwear, bags – nothing’s safe from my Chicken Licken histrionics. So its nice to be able to write about something that’s getting, or rather staying, smaller.

Ties this season are staying lean. It’s not a particularly new trend, but it’s one that’ll hang around for a bit longer. Peckham Rye, a company who specialise in ties (“Peckham Rye” being Cockney rhyming slang for “tie”) have a great range to adorn your Adam’s apple. They’re ties are available from Browns and Start to name but two.

This diagonal striped tie is subtlety’s own self with its black and indigo stripes. Here’s an interesting titbit: a tie with a diagonal stripe which goes down to the wearer’s right hand side is likely to be British; American ties slope the other way. That makes this one a Brit by my reckoning.