Someone’s Had The Stylists In – Maroon 5’s Adam Levine is ready for his close-up

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levine.gifMaroon 5 make my head hurt. I want to 100% hate them, but I just can’t. In twenty years, Maroon 5 songs will be the Taxicab Classics of the day. They are too darn catchy to ignore. Although it probably becomes a little easier to loathe them once you’ve heard them 1000 times in a day on Pleb FM.

When they first broke through, the image they went for was the whole casual, bestubbled, ruffle-haired vibe. And it worked, big time. The tunes were mainstream enough to be huge hits, while the image was just rough enough to reassure fans – and let’s face it, they’re mainly female – that they were just regular, yet hot, guys.

Fast forward a couple of years. In the first video from their new album, "Makes Me Wonder", lead singer Adam Levine set out his stall right from the off. Tuxedo, cropped hair, a distinctly more chiselled appearance. No more Converse round these parts, that’s for sure.

Then came the second single, "Wake Up Call", in which – further pushing his new macho vibe – Levine only goes and SHOOTS SOMEONE DEAD. Yep. And then gets the electric chair, mind. Well, a major label was never going to let a spot of murder go unpunished.

The whole thing feels like an audition for his movie debut, from the spoken word bits with his tasty piece to the chases in flash cars. He can talk! He can brood! He can drive! He can run! He can shoot! PLUS, his recent appearance on SNL (if you’re lucky YouTube might have left it up) showcased his sense of humour. Get me his agent!

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