Unconditional Ghost Hoody

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6851Unconditional is one of my favourite labels. Actually, it might be my favourite. I love their fine gauge knits, which are always in the best colours; I love their tees, with their deep chest-flashing necklines; and I love Concrete, their shop off Carnaby Street which always smells gorgeous.

This “Ghost” hoody is a bit of a staple for the label. It can be worn in a number of ways, which is always a good thing in my book. It’s got these clever little straps which are attached to the inside seam of the shoulder and loop round to be buttoned on the shoulder like epaulettes. You can either button the straps and wear the hood as a hood, or unbutton them and the hood drapes round your neck in a pleasing cowl effect.

I bought one a couple of years ago and it’s paid for itself in the attention its garnered. I would have had to buy a lot of alcohol to make myself feel that good.

Laundry Room have a grey and black version.