Wood Wood Pixel Print

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02102007_woodwood_sventee_detail1_2I was in Paris recently and saw a guy in the street wearing a T-shirt with little pixelated Space Invader-style designs all over it. It was sooooo cool, but stricken with shyness all my French word became like crumbs of baguette in my throat and I couldn’t ask him where he got it. Boy did I kick myself.

But the gods must’ve been smiling down on me on my return because I happened upon a the very ceefax-inspired prints at on-line store, End. They’re designed by Danish label Wood Wood, who recently collaborated with Nike, as regular readers will know.

The prints adorn T-shirts and hoodies as well as scarves. They bear the legend ‘The Joy of Repetition’, a joy which Wood Wood will help you discover.