Crooks & Castles Mobb Deep t-shirt

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Whilst I’m
not really into motto tees, I can’t resist this Mobb Deep
inspired one. Using lyrics from the seminal ‘shook ones’, Crooks & Castles
have made a tee includes and excludes people at the same time. Shirts like this
are great if you want to appear as if you’ve been a fan your whole life.

For what it’s
worth, Mobb Deep’s ‘The Infamous’ is one of the greatest albums ever. It’s a
chillingly stark look into the mentality of an inner-city youth. Sort of the
proto ‘Boy in the corner’, with all the elements that made Dizzee’s debut

But let’s
get back to the shirt. While the design is great, the fit could be a slight
concern. It seems to be in American sizing (which is already a size up) and sized
up once more for the super baggy hip hop look. Whilst oversizing is in right
now, everything has limits.