Even more ethical shopping – Good Society Jeans

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Society are the latest denim brand to jump onto the eco-friendly bandwagon.
Made from 100% organic cotton, all their items are fair trade. While this is
all great and I’m sure I’m being overly cynical, but it seems that companies
know that claiming to be eco-friendly is the quickest way to make a profit
nowadays. Good Society may have just noticed a good thing and stuck a fair
trade label on these quite fetching slim jeans.

Fair Trade –
a great idea in principle – is a thorny issue as a couple of documentaries have
shown fair-trade farmers being charged even more for their items than before,
meaning that  there is next to no
difference between fair and non fair trade. This leaves the farmers in the same
position they were in before and according to the logic of Katharine Hamnett,
this would therefore cause 200,000 cotton-related suicides a year.

Whilst the
jury’s still out on whether fair trade benefits the people it’s supposed to
help, the quality of the jeans is undeniable. They’re also ridiculously cheap
at £45.