Tartan Vans from ASOS

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As previously discussed, tartan or plaid shirts are all the rage this season, but how about mixing it up with these Vans ASOS. They’d look rather nice with some indigo jeans, and are a steal at £30.
Whilst we’re on the subject, those crazies at ASOS have referred to these as flannel, which of course anyone in their right mind knows they are not. They are canvas. Flannel is a type of woven fabric often used for pyjamas or bedsheets because it has been carded, or combed to make it soft. This results in a slight nap (a sort of furry-ness) as the fibres are broken and come loose from the weave. I think they mean that they are tartan (the Scottish word) or plaid (the US word), both terms which describe the pattern, rather than the fabric. Tut!
I hope you’re paying attention – you will be tested on this.