Octopus ring from Gourmet

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GourmetOh. My. God. I love this. Jewelry designer to the stars, Christian Tse has been working with LA based label, Gourmet, and this bejeweled pinky ring is one of the fruits (de la mer) of the collaboration.
This is all pointless really, but let’s go through the motions: The rings are 18K white gold, encrusted with 1100 micro-pave diamonds (no idea what that means – why do I need to know about diamonds?) and green diamonds for the eyes. Only 5 have been made and they cost a whopping $35,000.
See what I mean? Pointless.
Actually do you know what? I think I’ve gone off it. I think I wanted it so badly, my desire has actually flipped round to revulsion. Good.
If you’ve a spare £35K, you can place your order here. [via gourmetinyourface blog]