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As reported in a fab photo shoot by Mario Testino for Men’s Vogue, furs are back on the catwalk this season – but this time it’s for men.
Before we go any further, I want to make a couple of things clear: I’m a vegetarian and so would never wear fur. I think its cruel and unnecessary and would never promote it. Quite apart from its cruelty, I think it’s ostentatious and in the case of men makes you look like a pimp.
However. I think it’s up to each person to make up their own mind and I feel no need to get preachy about it. In fact, I think that the sanctimonious antics of organisations like Peta generate more recruits for the opposition than for their own cause. I’m sure many people only wear fur out of stubbornness – especially in an arena like fashion where people like to think of themselves as rebellious agents provocateur.
I can’t imagine people think it looks good, so what other reason is there? Continues after jump…


If I’m right, the best course of action is probably just to ignore the designers who use fur – the best way of dealing with someone who’s trying to provoke a reaction is to deny them one. Obviously, it’s a bit late for that, now I’ve posted this, but I’m not going to get on my high horse about it. I’ll just recommend the RSPCA website (for a non-hysterical view) and let these coats speak for themselves. Ugly aren’t they? Click on the pic for a closer look.
Top row, left to right: D&G, Burberry, Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre
Bottom row, left to right: Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Maison Martin Margiela, Gucci
[Images: Catwalking]