Do lambswool the right way with APC

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A couple of years back, a friend of mine bought a jumper from a high street store which should remain nameless. The jumper was lambswool and polyester blend. Now, for me, there’s no excuse for mixing soft lambswool with harsh polyester in the first place, but this was such a high content and loose knit, you could actually see little shards of polyester fibres nestling in it just waiting to act like a cheese grater on the delicate lambs wool. It was lambswool to the slaughter – before he’d even got the jumper home there were bobbles forming on it.

But I digress. APC commit no such crime. Their gorgeous grey lambswool jumper pictured is 100% pure softest lambswool. It also has a lovely blue and grey diamond pattern which is very understated and has a wholesome 1940s feel to it. If you’re going to bother with lambswool, this is really how you should do it.